Watch video ORCA- taken from the term “Orcinus” described by the “father of modern taxonomy” Carl Linnaeus in 1758 to describe the sophisticated, mysterious, intelligent Killer Whale. STRATUM– a group into which members of a population are categorised. Heartfelt, cinematic oeuvre swayed by jazz, blues, classical, soul, african, UK left field musical traditions. “Melancholic harmony […]

This is a formerly unpublished text where Compunctio’s Andreas Runeson has a conversation with the Swedish author Torgny Lindgren about music. The text is in Swedish. Torgny Lindgren died on this date one year ago. This is our homage to him. 2012 hade Compunctios Andreas Runeson den stora förmånen att få träffa författaren Torgny Lindgren. […]

“In my veins” marks David Åhlén’s return to the Compunctio label (“We sprout in thy soil,” 2009) and Andreas Eklöf’s continuation after the Manifest-winning album “Klavikord” (Compunctio 2013). Even while working on the album “We sprout in thy soil,” David and Andreas collaborated, then as now, with producer Andreas Runeson. In their collaboration, 1921, both […]