ORCASTRATUM – Spirit of the skog (feat. Solo Cissokho)

“I met Solo in 2007-8 Stockholm Sweden whilsts in the middle of producing Eric Bibb’s highly acclaimed album Jericho Road. Solo blew my mind in that session so much so that he featured solely on the last track of the album Nanibali. As i was recording him in that session so many ideas came to my spirit and mind musically and creatively and i remember as we parted I insisted that we must record an album together despite only meeting each other that day. Very rarely do i react like that however Solo is a familiar ,special Soul and an Elder when it comes to the spirituality and purpose of music. He is a Master Jedi of the Kora and voice. Well, some 10 Years later we reunite in his beautiful village Ziguinchor and record what you hear in the composition Spirit of the Skog and also several songs for a new album that he and I are finally collaborating on. Solo is a real kindred spirit and i am so elated to have him feature on this song and Orcastratums Debut.”

– Glen Scott (composer and band leader for ORCASTRATUM)


ORCA- taken from the term “Orcinus” described by the “father of modern taxonomy” Carl Linnaeus in 1758 to describe the sophisticated, mysterious, intelligent Killer Whale. STRATUM- a group into which members of a population are categorised.

Video by Carl @Muphovi