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Andreas Runeson, Leif Johansson och Ellen Vingren

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”During spring of 2006 I gained a renewed understanding of the season of lent. Pausing and living into the 40 days of lent observance seemed to uncover a ”timbre” otherwise hidden by the white noise of the everyday life. Thus composing with this timbre as foundation gradually seemed obvious. Early on in the process a had a conversation with poet Ylva Eggehorn concerning a possible collaboration related to the themes of lent; a conversation that continued and inspired me along the way.

The compositions on this album gradually emerged over quite some time. Every now and then a piece was finished. In the autumn of 2015 I got to know the organist and composer Leif Johansson. Together we looked at all the existing material, wrote new pieces and worked on arrangements.

For a J.S Bach anniversary a few years back Ylva Eggehorn wrote new words for the St Matthew passion. And right there was the opportunity for collaboration we’d been looking for all along! The three chorales, with contemporary as well as historic moorings, have been intertwined with our own pieces. To have Ellen Vingren sing these words, thus completing the trio, has really crowned it all.”

– Andreas Runeson, 2019