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ORCASTRATUM comprises musical concepts formed by producer, engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist session musician, artist Glen Scott (piano and keyboards). “My stimulus transpired from a personal need to musically create and channel away from the conventions and sometimes predictiveness that plays a prominent role in mainstream music today. The expression of music and its art is an integral part of my day to day therapy and balance. ORCASTRATUM is an angled extension of my souls age old quest to inspire myself and others without borders”.

The ORCASTRATUM debut album features some of the world’s most revered artists and in demand musicians: Ralph Salmins- Drummer, Percussionist, Neville Malcolm- Acoustic Bassist, Eric Appapoulay- Electric and Acoustic Guitarist.


Featured artists: Eric Bibb – Vocals, Solo Cissokho – Vocals and Kora, Binker Golding – Saxophone, Shaneeka Simon – Vocals, BERG – Vocals.


ORCA- taken from the term “Orcinus” to describe the sophisticated, mysterious, intelligent Killer Whale.

STRATUM- a group into which members of a population are categorised.