Wasted breaths

70.00 kr

David Åhlén

Listen to a sample here.




Rickard Jäverling plays the glockenspiel on this 7″ and it’s mastered by Christoffer Berg who has mixed The Knife. David Åhlén is a Stockholm-based, suburban father and a touring artist. David grew up playing classical violin and listening to hymns. As a son of a Baptist minister he began to sing and perform in his father’s church at the age of three. As a teenager he started to write songs and play in different popbands. After moving to Stockholm in 1995 he founded Namur (R.I.P.) with his brother Tobias. Namur released one EP and three full-length albums. They toured Europe and US with their apocalyptic dance-rock. David Åhlén is now current with his new acoustic solo project, only bringing his nylon guitar and his angel voice as instruments. This 7″ vinyl, titled »Wasted Breaths«, acts teaser to David Åhlén’s full-length album »We Sprout in Thy Soil« early in 2009.