We sprout in thy soil

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David Åhlén

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David Åhlén is the son of a Baptist pastor and was literally raised in the church. The simple songs and hymns made an impression on him at an early age. At age four, David started to study classical violin, which he continued through high school. However, when it came down to a choice between playing in an orchestra or writing songs for a pop band, he chose the later.

Since the mid-90’s, David has been involved with a variety of indie bands. He spent several years as the song writer and lead singer for the band Namur, where you could hear is voice among monotonous guitars, danceable drums, and roaring electronics. Critics described this music as dark, apocalyptic dance rock.

Over the last three years, David’s musical language has developed toward a simpler expression. With producer Andreas Runeson’s involvement, the arrangements have been peeled back to the core with David’s voice and more intimate, and complete, music remaining. This process of undressing to expose only voice, acoustic guitar and subtle arrangements has allowed his musical journey to reach the surface. The spirit which penetrated his live performances at indie clubs in Europe and the US is still the same, but echoes from the years of violin lessons and the tone of the simple songs of faith he never stopped singing now emerge loud and clear.

»We Sprout in Thy Soil« is David Åhlén’s debut album in his own name.

David Åhlén: Vocals and guitar.

Guest musicians: Johan Berthling (Tape), Christopher Burman, Andreas Eklöf, Andreaz Hedén, Emil Svanängen (Loney Dear), Stockholm Strings, Uppsala Cathedral Boys’ Choir, Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds and Peacedrums), Miriam Åhlén and Stefan Östersjö.